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Random college adventures

Well the boys of our floor(Eythan and Woo Jeong) are going with our other dorm-mate Garrett to his brother Matt's place in E-Town to party all weekend. Cj is leaving for home in Ocean City. Soon and Hae Gong are in New York visiting their father in New York(hes visiting from S.Korea). Basically this weekend = girls night out all weekend. It'll be kinda boring, hopefully something will be going on.

On other news, I saw this gorgeous Asian guy on my way to math class. He was basically jogging to his class to make it on time (as I should have been doing). Is it odd that I wanted to somehow trip or run into him so I could introduce myself or get his name? Of course I didn't, but while at dinner I saw him again but we were leaving while he was getting food. Hopefully I'll run into him again and maybe get his name(hes just so innocently cute! I wanna corrupt him...kinda like my Chinese friend Yohan).

Got a lot of reading to do (not school related). Not really worried about finals, I dont have them till the 3rd week of December, so I got time to relax (Im such a slacker).

I should be sending out the Christmas cards this weekend, hopefully I dont forget.

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