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Korean thanksgiving

Had Korean Thanksgiving last night. Its an important Korean holiday celebrating the full moon or something. Basically all of floor 2 was there, and a couple 1st and 3rd floor people like Alissa, Caroline, Katherine, and Mitsuru.

Took place at Soon's house, had a couple beers, played Go-stop, and some other Korean game that I had no idea what its called, but you play with these 4 sticks and you throw them and move your game pieces around a board.

Stayed up till like 3am teaching the rest of the white kids how to play go-stop, since Friday Micheal declared another crazy Korean party celebration with 75% proof alcohol and wants everyone to go again. Need to buy more cigarettes and get a couple one dollar bills to place as bets, since we are gonna have mad go-stop competitions. Most of us white kids know how to play, but only Eythan and I understand the point system.

yet another late night

Hanging out in the common room again with most of floor two and a couple friends from 1st and 3rd.

Started going to the gym everyday this week for 30-60 minutes, and playing hardcore basketball with my Korean friends at night whenever we decide to do so.

By October 10th(when Ill see home again) Ill show my mom whose the fat bitch in the family.

Already lost about 5-10 pounds. Pants are getting a little to big for comfort, and thats from just eating right, adding exercise with make it even better.

College update: Saturday

Who knew Karaoke could be so much fun? I cant even sing and I had a blast. Went with the Korean crew and Mitsuru came with us when we dropped off Cj and Eythan. Mitsuru couldnt party with us Friday night because of a doctors appt, so we made sure to get him this time round.

The morning started with everyone getting up at 8am after going to bed between 3-4am after drinking way to much, and all of us asked each other why the fuck are we up?!?, then went back to bed until 2pm.

Learned a Korean/Japanese card game called G0-Stop, and then we made teams to see who would either pay, cook, or clean up dinner. My team won all three so we just sat back and enjoyed being served on. We had miso soup and Korean BBQ, and it was really good.

Didnt leave the Korean karaoke place until 3am, getting back to the dorm around 3:30, and crashing until just now.

I will most likely hit the gym today, and try to find a way to get to Target. Maybe even do a little bit of homework.
The Japanese haiku poet Basho once wrote, "Old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water." Try writing some of your own haikus about the little things in your life. A haiku generally consists of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line and a second five-syllable line. You can also use any combination of ten-to-fourteen syllables.

Korean party
Is where I will be tonight
To drink is my plan

...HAHAAHAHAHHA! I love making stupid haikus!

College update: Korean hangout time

Went to the Inner Harbor with Pryum, CJ, Jennifer, Sarah, and Alissa and since the shuttled didnt go down there today, we walked from penn Station(last possible stop) and walked 40 minutes to the Harbor. Didnt feel like 40 min, but probably because I walk around here so much!

Came back super tired, thinking Id just go to bed early since everyone parted ways, but I saw some of my roommates in the common room and decided to join them. Luckily I was wearing my 'ass-dance shin-chan' shirt, because they all loved the show and we just started talking about whatever. I then found out five of them are taking Chinese 101, and two of them are in my class! I got super excited, then as they were going to leave for a friends apartment, invited me to go and we all hung out there. They loved how I knew some Korean, and how I could handle spicy kimchi haha.

Classes start tomorrow. I think me and Cj are gonna have lunch together or something.

According to ratemyprofessor.com, all my teachers are either nice and/or easy (except for Sociology).

I think my favorite classes with be Chinese and history, both which I dont have tomorrow :(

parts of your day that make you smile!

Couple things that made my day today:

1)A little boy at the food court said: Ni hao(hello in Chinese) after reading it on the panda express food court sign.

2)Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness came out and I bought it.

3)Met CJ's roommate and he happens to be from China, and when I said I was taking Chinese, he said he would help me if I needed a tutor!

College update: DORMS

So I just finished unpacking (dorms a lot smaller than they originally showed us during the walkthrough x.x )

My roomate, Bing, is from Vietnam and hardly speaks English. You think Id be hating life at this point, but I think its ADORABLE! She reminds me of my previous exchange student I had in high school. She was from Japan and at the begin was bad at English, then was a super star at it after a month or so.

Im kinda confused around here, and hopefully I get the hang of it.

If you wanna write me a letter, my address is: Maria Cole
Unit #0857
8000 York Rd
Towson, MD 21252

EDIT: Hanging in the main living room talking to a couple of people. SUPER hot guys from England next to me.

Summer is comming to a close

So I dropped off Erika, Marissa, Sarita and her brother Miguel at school this morning after we all went to Starbucks.

Ran into Sarah, Kathleen, and Maddie at Starbucks and said goodbye to them too.

It was hard saying goodbye, but Ill be back in town on October 10th, and Im only like an hour away. Its a bitch trying to pick out clothes, and making sure I dont take to much. Cant imagine having to actually pack up everything and moving somewhere far away.

Just hanging around the house today since I thought my parents were going to stay home so we could get ready to go, but I guess we are doing that tomorrow.

Its only 8am, and Im already SUPER bored X.X

Hanging out with Matt tonight, maybe Cassy if shes not busy. EDIT: Already said goodbye to those two and Mrs.May, and it was super hard to do.

Last day of work tomorrow until December!

So I work 9:30-3pm tomorrow, and then Im done until late December. Its gonna be so sweet not working the first semester!

Jon said he would get up and meet me at Towson Gym at 6am every morning to work out for 2 hours, so he can teach me the ropes with the equipment and stuff since he works out everyday. Im excited to loose weight again so I can finally shut my mom up and stop her 'chubby nagging'. It pisses me off since shes fat herself and is lazy as shit.

Found a shirt at FYE with Shin from Shin-chan on it for $2.59! It has him dancing with his ass out with the words: ASS-DANCE on the front. SOOOOO AWSOME! When I hang out with Cassy's brother Matt on Tuesday while we watch Shin-chan, im totally gonna wear it.

Gotta start packing up stuff for school, and finally get off of my provisionals and get an official license (Ive been off, i just need to get it).

Everyone is busy for the rest of the week, so I guess after I do these chores Ill read or something haha.

Rain rain go away...

So Sarita and I went to Baltimore as planned yesterday, except when we got there it started to rain @_@ She had her scarf to tie over her head, and my hair went from perfect curls to wet straight/wave hair. It was all worth it when we got in American Apperal, but I didnt know what to get. I settled on a crimson red loose neck long sleeve shirt, but Im probably gonna return it. It was $40, and I might need that money to buy something else this week. I did get a purple and grey blocked square scarf at Urban Outfitters since they are becoming big over here (as well as wide leg pants according to teen vogue haha). I dont own much purple and I know everyones just gonna get black and white, so I thought Id be different. I might go back and get the yellow/grey one next time though.

Waiting for Sarah to call so we can go watch some L Word, but she said if the girlfriend comes over shes gonna stay with her obviously. Hope the girlfriend doesnt go over haha!

God this post has NO POINT whatsoever x_x